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​To put it lightly, I’ve lived a very strange and unique life. As a child, I trained to become an elite athlete, eventually achieving national notoriety and success. After that, I was a student and eventually an alumni leader at a major university. I can sail a boat, ride a motorcycle, and drive a car better than most. I climbed the ranks of the software industry in corporate America, eventually managing multiple teams of software engineers across 4 continents at the same time. And by the time I was 34, I decided that I needed a break.

They say whatever you would do if you had a million dollars is what you should do for a living. The thought being that if you love what you do, you’ll never “work” a day in your life.


I didn’t have a million dollars. However, I was blessed enough to be able to take some time off from earning a living. But no matter what new hobbies or skills I picked up while trying to figure out what I wanted to do next, I realized that the main focus of my days was usually what was going to be for dinner.


You see, over the years I’ve reveled in bringing together friends and family to share my table, my sense of humor, and my heart. Back in college I frequently fed myself by having friends come over, each with one or two ingredients, to make a family style meal. After college I hosted an annual summer BBQ, sometimes catering for up to 50 people.


I had realized fairly early on, that food was always a good way to get people together. This was even more so as we got older and distracted with careers, families etc. But most importantly, I’ve learned that no matter how crazy the world gets, delicious food will always be an almost unequaled comfort. 


This ultimately led me to start Dish it like a Viking. My goal is not only to share my recipes and lessons learned in the kitchen, but to hopefully tell some of my story as well.

So please subscribe and share this blog, if you enjoy it. Who knows, maybe this will be my most exciting adventure yet!


Viking  x


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