INTRODUCING ... Frederica Trading's new Premium Bamboo Cutting Board and 3-Piece Utensil Set with Drip Groove and Non-Slip Feet

Frederica Trading's ethically sourced, organic bamboo chopping block/cutting board is the perfect choice for your home kitchen, bar, outdoor kitchen, or camper.   The beautiful cutting board has a two-tone finish that accentuates the elegance of the bamboo wood grain and the classic Frederica Trading logo.  

Additional features include a drip groove to prevent juices from dripping off the board and rubber, non-slip feet on the bottom to prevent slipping.


Included with purchase are three beautiful bamboo wooden utensils:

  1. wooden bamboo slotted spoon
  2. wooden bamboo slotted fork
  3. wooden bamboo spatula.
  • EASY TO CLEAN:  One of the best features of bamboo is how easy it is to clean.  Simply rinse with warm soapy water and towel dry.   Bamboo is durable and long-lasting.
  • SAFE and NON TOXIC:  Our bamboo is safe as it's a natural wood product, unlike plastic cutting boards.
  • BAMBOO IS DENSE:  Professional and serious home chefs love bamboo because of the density of the wood.   It is naturally resistant to retaining water and won't crack and warp like other wooden cutting boards that are made from more porous woods.
  • LESS LIKELY TO BE SCRATCHED:  Because of the density of natural bamboo, it is less likely to get scratched by your kitchen knives.  Softer woods  (maple or acacia) will easily have scratches from the cutting making it easier for bacteria and food particles to be left behind.
  • GREEN and RENEWABLE: Bamboo is a highly renewable resource and new bamboo can be fully mature in 3-6 years.
  • LIGHT and ELEGANT:  Bamboo is a naturally light colored wood giving it a beautiful texture and elegant appearance, loved by professional chefs in restaurants.
Approx 14" x 11.5" x .08"
Weight:  3 lbs


Beautiful Packaging Makes Fantastic Gift for Weddings, Engagement Parties, House Warming Gifts, and All Special Holidays and Occasions

Frederica Trading makes every effort to give our customers both elegant beauty and function.   Our products carry the signature logo and feel of the beautiful Golden Isles of Georgia (founded on St. Simons Island, GA) and include professional design.    This makes a beautiful gift for all occasions, including house warming parties, wedding and engagement gifts, and any special holiday.   

This cutting board is a perfect size at approximately 14" X 12" X .8".   It's the perfect size for your kitchen countertop or the side of your outdoor grill or kitchen.   Love camping?   Put this in the cabinet of your favorite camper or RV.

The beautiful two-tone, natural colored bamboo wood is dense and reistant to water absorption.  This makes it a long-lasting kitchen utensil that will not be easily scratched or marred and it also makes it super easy to clean with warm, soapy water.

Beautiful, Functional, Reliable



Safety is a priority and so we designed our cutting board to have non-slip rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from slipping across your counter when cutting or chopping.


Bamboo Cutting Board with Utensils