The Blackstone Breakfast Kit is the most convenient way to do breakfast on the griddle. A great addition to your tailgate or camping gear. This kit saves time, dishes and clean up and helps makes you look like a pro at making breakfast!

 The Blackstone batter dispenser holds up to 4 cups of batter and is easy to use for perfect pancakes every time. Can be used for making pancakes, cupcakes, muffins, etc. 

The Blackstone bacon press is made of pre-seasoned cast iron which provides even heating as well as retention , eliminating hot spots. Excellent for making grilled sandwiches on the griddle as well. 
4 diameter egg rings for making eggs and pancakes. These have a wooden knob handle that fold for easy pick up and storage.

Large 4 cup capacity
Measurement display on cylinder
Can be used with various batter types
Solid wood handle. Pre-seasoned cast iron materialPatterned bottom for excellent searing. Can be used as Panini or Burger press  for perfectly grilled sandwiches



Brand Name: Blackstone
Product Type: Breakfast Kit
Number in Package: 4
Color: Various
Packaging Type: Boxed

Blackstone Breakfast Kit 4 pc.